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Kinky Ink


Kinky Ink Inkorporated was established in 2002.

We are situated in the heart of Battersea near Clapham Junction Train station and the beautiful Northcote Road.

We are a professionally run tattoo studio and pride ourselves on exceptional artists that we can find who work with our diverse team, offering our customers outstanding tattooing in most styles. We also have high quality body modification services at the studio, our resident piercer only works with premium materials and also offers excellent care and aftercare.

We also have a huge selection of titanium jewellery in stock, including stunning 14KT gold pieces.

Wheelchair accessible

Meet Our Team



Danasa has successfully run tattoo studios for over 20 years. Danasa is a creative at heart & has a love for the industry like no other, she has seen the industry change and evolve over the years but she remains true to her traditional tattoo shop ways with how she runs Kinky Ink.

Danasa is a true gem to the industry.


Head Piercer & Tooth Gem Technician

Being Danasa’s child, Poppy grew up within the tattoo industry & fell in love with piercing from a very young age! With 15+ years experience and a deep love for body modifications as an art form Poppy loves the power piercings have to give confidence and creative expression for all bodies. Specialising in intimate female piercings and also licensed in the borough to safely and responsibly pierce under 16s with parental consent.



First a set designer, then a sculptor, Sasa utilises his eye for detail to deliver complex geometric patterns, intricate dotwork and delicate lines. This work takes patience and precision. His calm approach and dedication to his craft is always propelling him forwards, conquering new styles and adding his own spin on ornate designs.



Joao’s style is very versatile, he’s a man of many talents – from colour to black work.. There’s not much Joao can’t do!



Marc has spent much of his career working in street shops and is comfortable tattooing most styles. He is most passionate tattooing bold American traditional, drawing much of his inspiration from 70’s era production flash and the work of artists such as the late Tony Pollito.



Carlos specialises in custom freehand script & calligraphy lettering!



Pedro enjoy’s old school, mixed Neo traditional with a hint of Japanese tattoos.. Pedro is our latest resident artist 🙂



Adept across various mediums, Shelley is beginning her journey with us to translate her artwork into a tattoo career. Always a creative person, Shelley took the leap to pursue tattooing after lockdown, veering her path in an exciting direction. From stunning detailed oil painting portraits to the skin as a canvas.